Interesting, Fun & Informative Topics to Guarantee Your Newsletter Gets Read …

Choose From: Real Estate Update, Home Improvement, Odd & Interesting, Buyer & Seller Tips, Movies, Trivia, Recipes, Health, Travel, Wine, Cool/Free/Fun, Vocabulary, Motivational and More! Create a theme — real estate/mortgage, coaching/self help, restaurants/wine, travel/hotels — or mix it up to fit what you think your readers want!

You can make your newsletter a short blurb, with just a personal note or an article or two, or make it longer by choosing more content. It’s your choice. Of course, you can ADD your own content too!

Professional Design

Every email newsletter marketing account comes with a free template so you can get started right away. You get to choose one when you sign up, or upload your own template if you want. We can make you a custom template too.

What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get Editor

Newsletter EditorBecause we write the articles and edit the graphics, this part is optional. But, if you want to personalize your email newsletter marketing campaigns (and we suggest that you do), there’s a live editing wizard that allows you to see your email newsletter as you customize it. You can add text, pictures and links to your template, as well as format text.

Control How Your Email Newsletter Appears

No matter how large your list size, every email newsletter looks like it comes from you, including the “from” name, “email” address and “subject” line. In addition, the system automatically handles any bounces and unsubscribes — and there’s a built-in system for your subscribers to forward your email marketing newsletter to others or share it using Facebook or Twitter.

Send Now or Schedule a Time for Later

After you’ve produced your email newsletter, you can send it to yourself to test it (recommended). If you’re satisfied with the newsletter, you can email it immediately to your subscribers or schedule an exact time and date for future delivery. In addition, we can email the newsletter for you so you don’t even have to think about it.

Quick View Campaign Snapshot

Email Campaign SnapshotQuickly view the most important details at a glance, such as how many newsletter recipients opened the email, how many subscribers clicked a link, or how many recipients unsubscribed or bounced. These detailed reports are easy to review and make it super easy for you to evaluate your email marketing efforts.

Monitor Your Subscriber’s Interests

View what your newsletter subscribers are reading, clicking and responding to.You can even track individual email addresses to see what — or how many times — they clicked a link.

See Who Clicked What

The Link Activity Report makes it easy to determine which newsletter links were popular, so you can adjust your content accordingly. It also makes it easy to identify your best prospects so you can follow up with them more frequently.

View Only the Details You Need Campaign SnapshotMost email services offer way too much information, whereas we provide only the reports you’ll need to succeed.

For example, the Recipient Activity Report gives you detailed info about your newsletter campaign, including who opened, who clicked, who bounced and who unsubscribed.

Our Email Servers Are White-Listed

Don’t risk having your email newsletters delivered to your subscriber’s spam folder! Without getting too technical, our delivery servers have been “white-listed” by the most popular ISPs. In addition, our email servers are integrated into the spam reporting systems for several other big ISPs for an even greater deliverability rate.

Daily Black List Monitoring

We monitor the most common blacklists every day to make sure we’re not on it. If one of our customers accidentally gets on one, we immediately remove them from our system so other customer’s don’t get affected. In addition, we work to resolve any issues on behalf of our clients. (Note: If you are a spammer, your account will be immediately terminated.)

Unsubscribe Links in Every Email

We ensure your email newsletters comply with all CAN-SPAM rules and regulations, including a single-click unsubscribe link and your mailing address.

Easy Email List Management

Email Marketing Manage SubscribersManaging your email list is easy with our intuitive email list management tools. Easily add, remove or edit email addresses with just a few clicks.

Plus, you can have as many lists as you want; for example, prospects, past customers, VIP clients, etc.

Trouble-Free Import & Export Tool

Importing your email list to our system is nearly effortless with our import and export tools. You can add them manually, one by one, or copy and paste in dozens at a time, or import a big list using our import wizard. Duplicate emails are automatically removed — and our system keeps track of bounced emails and unsubscribe’s so you don’t have to worry about spam.

Add Subscribe Forms to Your Websites

Newsletter Signup FormsAdding a subscribe form to your websites is as easy as copying and pasting a short bit of code provided by us. Of course, you can customize your form and decide where you want new subscribers to go once they’ve signed up to your newsletter.

Absolutely Affordable

With our pricing model, there are no surprises. There are NO contracts or cancellation fees. In addition we offer a 30-Day-Moneyback Guarantee!