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Understanding the Drag-and-Drop Email Builder

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Drag-and-drop editors have been fairly commonplace among online web building platforms for several years. Popular web-building sites such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, SiteBuilder, Duda and others made building your own website fairly simple since users no longer needed to code; they just needed to “drag and drop” elements onto a grid or template.

But it took email marketing platforms much longer to embrace drag-and-drop editors because email development is a very different beast than web development because there are so many different email browsers — each with their own way of doing things. While this is still fairly accurate, email builders have come a long way in recent years and it’s finally safe to say, “Welcome to Drag-and-Drop.”

Staying in front of the technology curve, eNewsletterSolutions.com has a drag-and-drop editor too!

While we specialize in providing ready-to-email newsletters — meaning you don’t need to code, or even know how to drag and drop — we still offer this feature because most of our clients at some point want to dive in deeper and create a few campaigns of their own. The drag-and-drop builder makes this a breeze. Following are some features that make this builder so popular.

  • Drag-and-Drop Email BuilderEasily insert text, images, videos, forms, buttons and many other design elements.
  • The drag-and-drop email builder makes it super easy to design a beautiful, unique email that matches your brand, such as font, colors, logo, etc.
  • A decent amount of control … you can put elements where you want them.
  • It’s automatically mobile responsive and looks great on all devices. Long gone are the days of having to create multiple campaigns so your content looks equally good on phones, tablets and desktop PCs.
  • A color picker makes it easy to pick and match colors.
  • Get a headstart with a choice of templates: features, announcements, newsletters, deals and offers, feedback, events, and more.

The point of a drag-and-drop email builder is that pretty much anyone can design and send a nice email campaign. While I won’t go as far to say that drag-and-drop builders do as good a job as a custom designer/developer, I will say they get the job done and leave a good impression.

Want to try it out? It’s easy … just contact us and we’ll email you a link so you can login, play around, and see for yourself how easy it is to create and send email campaigns.



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