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Real Estate Marketing Products to Help You Stay in Touch With Your Clients!

Our team at understands that real estate professionals are crazy busy. And the list of marketing tasks just keeps growing and growing.

That's why we're here -- to lighten your load by providing quality content, newsletters, templates and email marketing services to save you time and money while helping you stay top-of-mind with your clients and prospects.

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Real Estate Example

A realtor might use the content package to post fun, entertaining and informative articles on their blog and social media sites to increase brand awareness.

Then, use email newsletters to keep in touch with his or her prospects and past clients.

The print newsletter is a great marketing tool for keeping in touch with their sphere of influence and mailing to their target market or farm.

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Products & Services


We offer 120+ and 240+ article packages covering a variety of topics that you can use in your newsletter, blog, website and social media platforms. These are quality articles written to help build brand awareness and add credibility and authority. This is for the real estate professional who doesn't like -- or have the time -- to write the articles, but wants the freedom to use the content as they wish. LEARN MORE


Our 6-month and 12-month email newsletter packages come complete with content and pictures ... simply upload the HTML template to one of several email service providers (we'll tell you who, one is even free) and send. This is for the realtor who doesn't want a monthly subscription or commitment but wants to have ready-to-send email newsletters at their disposal. LEARN MORE


We have two packages of ready-to-send print newsletters for either 6 months or 12 months. Just add your logo and contact information and they're good to go. These print newsletters are for the busy professional who doesn't have the time to write or design marketing collateral's but realizes the importance of keeping in touch with their sphere of influence. LEARN MORE


This is what does best -- offering complete email newsletter marketing services and campaign reporting on a month-to-month basis. This is for the super-busy real estate professional who wants a hands-off solution but understands that staying connected with past clients and prospects is key to garnering future sales and referrals. LEARN MORE

A Complete Content Marketing Solution

We provide everything you need -- articles, pictures, templates and an email platform -- to deliver effective, fun and informative content to your prospects, clients and customers.

Whether you want to do it yourself -- or have us do it for you -- the fact of the matter is you need content. And lots of it! Get a head start by using our content so you can focus on the bigger picture -- keeping past clients and encouraging referrals.

Plenty of Content to Choose From

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Content Packages
  • 120+ Articles
  • Multiple Topics
  • Blog/Website/Newsletter
  • Edit or Use As-Is
  • Delivered at Text File (.txt)
  • Instant Download


Print Newsletters
  • 6 Print Newsletters
  • Multiple Topics
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Edit, Print and Send
  • Free Instruction Video
  • Instant Download


Email Newsletters
  • 6 Email Newsletters
  • Multiple Topics
  • eNewsletterSolutions & Mailchimp
  • Upload, Edit and Email
  • Free Instruction Video
  • Instant Download